3 Defining Steps To Trading Success

The SMB Foundation

Our training program was designed so you develop the trading skills to become your best self-directed trader. Written, video and classroom lectures, daily trading review sessions,stock selection meetings, one-on-one mentoring, our proprietary practice simulator, trading tools like the SMB Chop Tracker and the SMB Radar are all part of The SMB Foundation. Every minute of every day for eight weeks you will be training to build the skills necessary to become a consistently profitable, self-directed trader.

SMB Trader Development

On Day 41 you will trade live. For the next four months you will trade and follow a detailed schedule designed so that you improve every day. Your trading mentor will review your work daily. You will develop the habits of a consistently profitable trader. Visualization exercises, SMB Tradecasts, video review, desk discussions, lectures and a detailed trading journal will help you build your trading skill.

Trading Tools

SMB has developed trading tools to assist your performance. The SMB AM Meeting ensures you are prepared for the trading day. The SMB Radar spots the stocks most In Play intraday. The SMB Chop Tracker statistically measures your trading. SMB Project X allows you to practice specific trading plays. The SMB Trader Analysis Sheet clarifies what you are doing well and what needs improvement.