An antidote to trading on tilt

I received this email today from a veteran and *very* successful independent trader.  He sends me his thoughts on his trading each day, which I really enjoy reading.  And I share some feedback, where I can help.

Remember, these are the thoughts of a very successful and veteran trader.  If he has them, then certainly many of us have the same struggles and thoughts as well.
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Wait For It–The Market Short (video)

Many traders are anxious about missing their setup. In this video Steve discusses.

Steven Spencer is the co-founder of SMB Capital and SMB University which provides trading education in stocks, options, forex and futures. He has traded professionally for 20 years. His email address is:

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Is the Rest of 2016 Setting Up to be Weaker Than “Normal”?

Andrew Falde walks you through the charts and shows you the statistics going back to 1960, and what they indicate about the current market conditions.

Risk Management for New Traders

In our daily video Seth Freudberg discusses risk management advice for new traders.

What will they say about you?

What will they say about you after your trading career?

I was interviewing a female retail trader for a spot on our desk and asked her one of my standard questions.  She was self-taught, a single mom, former teacher, living in the Dallas/Forth Worth region and posting consistent six-figure returns, with a small trading account.

I asked: who is your role model and why?

She thought, chuckled in a friendly Southwestern charm, and then answered, “I would have to say my grandmother.  All of her kids turned out great.

Earnings Season in Full Swing!

Only four times a year do we get the opportunity to participate in some of the biggest moves individual stocks will experience during the rest of the year.

To take full advantage of thes

How to Read the Tape on the Short Side

In our SMBU Daily Video Mike answers a question from a reader on whether or not reading the tape is any different on the long or short side. The same thinking applies to both the long and short side.

Time Diversification of Options Trades

Seth Freudberg discusses how to diversify your options portfolio.

SMBU’s Options Tribe Webinar: John Locke of Maintaining Faith in Your Options Trading System in Adverse Market Conditions

This week Andrew Falde returns to the Options Tribe to discuss methods that he has developed to redu

Weekly “Trading Conversations” That Help You Win

Each Friday, SMB U hosts a live Q&A style trader education event called "Trading Conversations". These events are free to attend.