Top financial websites to prepare for your trading day

What financial websites do you use to prepare for trading?

I asked our newest training classes in Austin and NYC to share what websites they use and why to prepare for each trading session.  Then I aggregated their answers, unedited, into this post.  This gives you an excellent guide of websites to help you prepare for each trading session.  Perhaps from this list you can

How to Get a Trading Job in College

As a trader who went through the SMB College Training Program previously, and was subsequently hired to trade on the desk in their NYC office, I wanted to write a blog post to answer some questions I've received lately.

I should also mention that I now head up the College Training Program and it is my sincere hope that I can give aspiring traders some insight into what type of candidates firm

What Does “Losers Average Losers” Mean?

Many years ago Paul Tudor Jones was photographed in front of a photo that read "Losers Average Losers". What the heck does that mean and why is it so important? As traders our #1 job is managing risk. If you add to losing positions it may become extremely difficult to manage your risk.

Ask anything: can you beat the markets?

Hi Mike, I have heard that there are roughly 50,000 professional traders and 20M want-a-bes. That's about 1 in 40 and even though those are not good odds I am happy to know that it is possible to do. I have struggled with day-trading. But I have found using options trading longer term chart patterns (weeks and months) that I have a great track record.

Implied Volatility (SMBU Daily Video)

In our SMBU Daily Video, learn more about Implied Volatility.

In this video from Andrew Falde, you will learn:

What implied volatility indicates
Why it's skewed ahead of major events
Why it's a good filter for trading styles
How to read implied volatility

Enjoy the video!

*no relevant positions

SMBU’s Options Tribe Webinar: Options Tribe Member Dave Freitag: “The 5-5-5 Options Trade”

This week, Dave Freitag presents his signature “5-5-5 trade” to the options tribe community for the first time. Read more [...]

Free Seven Part Series on Systems Trading

Technology has democratized the markets by making critical information available to anyone with an internet connection.

#1 Thing Critical to a Trader ‘s Success

Trading is tough.

But what if you could skip the fluff and focus on what really matters?

Through the power of internet, I've asked 6 successful traders What is the #1 thing that is absolutely critical to a trader 's success?

Here's what they said..

Ask Anything: A System to Increase Your Trading Risk

I have been trading on my own since March and after a few weeks of consistent results, I decided to increase my sizing and expand my Playbook with newer and different intraday plays. Despite the fact that I have the impression that my trading skills is improving, my results in terms of P&L have deteriorated.

Steven Spencer Interview with – Part 2

In our SMBU Daily Video, watch Part 2 of Steven Spencer's interview with, a popular Russian trading site.