Trading Shouldn’t Be A Flip of the Coin

Each day I host the SMB AM Meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to make sure that our desk has a game plan to attack the best stocks and setups. Yesterday we looked at Apple, Boeing, Alibaba, and American Airlines.

Learn a Trade You Can See Everyday with $BABA (video)

In this video, I discuss a trade setup in $BABA that you can see everyday.

$BABA was definitely In Play yesterday  but more importantly a setup that offers an excellent risk/reward appeared.

This setup can be attacked as a swing trade or a scalp.

I hope this video gives you a new trade to consider for your trading.

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SMBU’s Options Tribe Webinar: Seth Freudberg: Iron Condors

This week, Seth Freudberg will be going over some of his favorite Iron Condor trading concepts that he has developed over the years and he will be sharing them for the first time on the Options Tribe. Read more [...]

Unconventional Training for the Unconventional Trader

As traders it is a best practice to learn from the Greats- particularly how they train to improve.  Tom Brady unarguably one of the great QB's to every play football offers us a best practice to incorporate into our training.

SMBU Snowstorm Webinar: Monday January 26th at 4:30PM EST

Join Steve Spencer and me Monday January 26th at 4:30PM EST for a snowstorm webinar.  Sign up here.

Yes as the east coast is about to get 2 feet of snow Steve and I will be bearing the conditions to present a webinar for the trading community.  We are calling it:
How to Transform Your Trading Habits, Skills and Results in the Next 90 days

Here's what you will learn:

1) How we prepare f


I am often asked what I consider the most important indicator when managing a trade from start to finish. My answer has nothing to do with a chart or any system trading indicator associated with it.  My answer? Psychology.  From personal experience, I consider trading to be 100% psychological.

A Very Important Trading Edge

In this short video I discuss an important yet little known trading edge for many stock traders. Pre-market price action helps you identify which stocks will be most In Play, and often will give you price levels to develop the best game plan.

Why Large Bank Forecasts are Rarely Correct

I made this short video discussing some of the reasons the headline forecasts for large Wall Street banks are rarely correct. The question you should ask yourself is why do they continue to make them? Most investors are attracted to confidence and certainty.

What is the proper risk/reward for a trade?

What is the proper risk/reward for a trade?

Is it 2x1? Is it 3x1? 5X1?