Should I trade GLD Options?

In this video, Seth Freudberg reviews the qualities that must be present for trading vehicles to be traded in a scaleable way. It is a good idea for traders to diversify their trading portfolio so as not to be too heavily dependent on one trading vehicle.

Getting Started on the Right Path for a Successful Trading Career (WEBINAR JUN 22)

Join Mike Bellafiore and Merritt Black on Thursday June 22 at 4:15pm EST for a webinar. They sit down with a trader from the community who is new to the game. They will discuss how he should get started trading. Read more [...]

SMBU’s Options Tribe Webinar: Jay Murakami of White Rock USA: Trading the Iron Condor with Crash Protection 45w" sizes="(max-width: 150px) 100vw, 150px" />This week, Jay Murakami of White Rock USA will be making his debut presentation on the Opt

[Recording] 5 Ideas to Improve Your Trading This Summer

Mike Bellafiore, author of The Playbook and One Good Trade, discussed why traders at the firm are so focused on building trading models right now and how to be more selective with your ideas. Read more [...]

From Options Student to Consistent Options Money Maker

This is Andrej Fedor (middle), SMB Options Desk trader, with Seth Freudberg and me after lunch in NYC.  Andrej was a former student of Seth's for our education arm, SMB Options.  Now he sits as a profitable trader on our options desk.

We love to study former students turned successful traders at SMB.  And then we love sharing their path with our community.

Is it Possible to Make Money on the Open? (WEBINAR JUNE 15)

Join Steve Spencer on Thursday June 15th at 4:15PM EST for a webinar on how to to make money on the open.

SMBU’s Options Tribe Webinar: Paul Forchione of OptionVue Systems International: Strategies for Trading ES Options Spreads 45w" sizes="(max-width: 150px) 100vw, 150px" />Option Strategist Paul Forchione of OptionVue Systems International will demonstrate how h

Controlling the implications of a downside move

This video covers a technique for cutting a position’s exposure to increased options volatility under these circumstances. Options trading in a low volatility environment is not without danger. If the market sells off, options volatility will increase causing a larger than normal drawdown on positions opened in a low volatility period.

SMBU’s Options Tribe Webinar: SMB Options Desk Trader Andrew Falde: The Netzero Options Trading System 45w" sizes="(max-width: 150px) 100vw, 150px" />This week, SMB Options Desk Trader Andrew Falde returns to the Options Tribe to discuss hi