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Trade to your strengths… really do this

It is a bit of a trading cliche now to "trade your strengths".  As a trader, one gets tired of reading these trading maxims.

Hugh Kimora, Trading Heroes, said this well for traders in his recent post here:
But the vast majority of trading books out there are targeted at the beginning trader.

Traders telling me One Good Trade is helping their options trading

One of the great rewards from writing One Good Trade are the positive unintended consequences.  One of those is how much the book has helped traders other than equities day traders.  Let me offer two examples.

Today at lunch, I sat with an income options trader, who shared his trading breakthrough was reading One Good Trade.

In Options Trading, Risk Management must always come first

In this video, we discuss why it is more important for a trader to follow risk management rules than to be guided by technical analysis if a choice must be made between the two. Read more [...]

The power of Team Trading


Last night Team SWang, a collection of traders with unique skill sets that trade for firm, met for drinks and food to discuss ways that they could improve.

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The trading exit is not what you want but rather what it should be

A trader read yesterday's post Expectations poison good trading and remarked:









I would like to focus on this savvy reader's observation: "I've sometimes used the standard of what I WANT the market to do. (how ridiculous is that!)"

Well.... from my seat it is not too ridiculous at all.  I have been guilty of this.