Our Training Program

SMB Training Program

Our training program consists of three parts: The SMB Foundation, SMB Trader Development, and SMB Advanced Training. You will develop the trading skills necessary to become a consistently profitable trader. Please browse the links on the left to learn more about our training program.


The SMB Foundation

Our training program helps you build the trading skills necessary to then become an elite trader. The SMB Foundation is an eight-week demanding, comprehensive, and thoughtful training program. You will develop valuable trading skills that will enable you to profit in any market and for your entire trading career. SMB teaches you a craft, the craft of trading.


The SMB Foundation uses the following tools:
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Trading Topics and Skills include:

  •  The Fundamentals of Trading
    One Good Trade
  • How to find the Stocks in Play
  • Reading the Tape
  • Reading Charts
  • How to Review your Trading
  • Trade Execution
  • Risk Management
  • Psychology of Trading
  • SMB Foundation Trading Plays

We teach you the trading topics and skills above comprehensively. Written lectures introduce a topic and then are supplemented by audio and classroom lectures. Our trading videos fill in any gaps. Trading drills and quizzes ensure that you master these topics. Participation in SMB Tradecasts, where we review video of our trades, is our most effective teaching tool. Practicing on our trading simulator  (SMB Project X) accelerates your development. Finally, mentoring from a senior trader offers constant interaction with a successful trader. You will develop the necessary skills to become a consistently profitable trader.

The SMB Foundation offers 200 plus written lectures, 60 plus audio lectures, a library of trading videos, access to SMB Tradecasts, trading drills, quizzes, a trading simulator, and mentoring. But most importantly, we have identified the trading plays that are statistically most profitable for a new trader. The SMB Foundation arms you with the trading skills necessary to succeed.

SMB Trader Development

On Day 41 you will trade live. For the next four months you will trade and follow a detailed schedule designed so that you improve every day.  You will build your trading foundation from which you can then become an elite trader.  A senior trader will review your work daily. You will develop the habits of a consistently profitable trader. Visualization exercises, SMB Tradecasts, video review, lectures, a detailed trading journal, statistical analysis, and much more are employed so that your reach your trading potential.

SMB Advanced Training

After you have become a consistently profitable, we will teach you trading set ups (advanced technical plays) to take your trading to the next level. Advanced trading techniques are taught so that you continue improving.  There is no ultimate destination for a trader there is just the opportunity for perpetual learning.  



Our Training Program